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Ügyfélszolgálat szombati nyitvatartása (2020.08.29)


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The Borsodweb Ltd. aims to provide high-quality services for the ever growing mass of Internet users within the region of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. We hope, that every client finds a perfect and suitable solution among our services, may it be a citizen , a corporate client or an SME. Our colleagues have a constant desire for professional - development and are committed towards Internet Communication Systems. A stabile IT back-up system and dedicated professionals enable us to supply constant top-quality Internet access and services. The guarantee for the dymanic growth of  our enterprise in the following years is  ensured  by our Team.

By joining our network, we hope, that more and more people will be able explore the opportunities of the Internet.

You will realise, that the time spent on the Internet can be more useful and confortable by using our services.


Enjoy your time!