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Clients Gate

  • What is Clients Gate for?

Card payments made on the internet

  • What types of card can be used for making payment?
  • Which bank cards are suitable for making online payments?
  • Is it possible to pay with shopping cards?
  • Is it possible to pay with co-branded cards?
  • What happens at the bank in terms of support processes for online payment?
  • How does buying on the internet using a card differ from conventional card purchases?
  • What does reservation mean?
  • When might a transaction be unsuccessful?
  • What should you do if the payment procedure is unsuccessful?
  • Why do I have to contact my account-keeping bank if the transaction is unsuccessful?
  • What does it mean if I get a text message from my bank about the reservation/blocking of the amount, but the merchant/service provider indicates that the payment was unsuccessful?
  • What do VeriSign and an ‘SSL communication channel with 128-bit encryption’ mean?
  • After the payment my browser warned me that I was about to leave the security zone. Is the security of my payment still guaranteed?
  • What is the meaning of the CVC2/CVV2 code?
  • What does Verified by Visa mean?
  • What is the UCAF code?