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Leased line Internet


The Managed Leased Line Network Internet is the business-class, top-quality Internet service among all Internet services. The line functions under constant supervision, provides 24 hour connection and is capable to operate both mailing systems and webservers at the user’s location.

Data-flow is not restricted or maximized and the service – fee does not depend on the Internet usage, -therefore exact costs can be planned in advance.

In the first place, we recommend this service for corporates, offices and for office-buildings.

One can select from 1024Kbit/s bandwidth connection to a 100Mbps speed connection, depending on the planned data circulation.

The price of MLLN Internet :

Flexible and customized price is offered for each client considering the bandwidth, IP addresses and additional  services requested. For your customized price of our Leased Line Internet service, please contact us!